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Date Title Author
Minos Plato
380 BC Gorgias Plato
360 BC Laws Plato
350 BC Politics Aristotle
350 BC Rhetoric I.13 Aristotle
350 BC Rhetoric I.15 Aristotle
350 BC Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle
54-51 BC On the Republic (De Republica) Cicero
54-51 BC Republic (Excerpt) Cicero
51 BC On the Laws (De Legibus) Cicero
51 BC Laws Cicero
44 BC On Duties (De Officiis) Cicero
c. 90 Lycurgus Plutarch
160 Institutes of Roman Law Gaius
161 On Civil Law and Natural Law Gaius
630 Etymologies, or Origins Seville, Isidore of
1215 Magna Carta English Lords
1215 Magna Carta (1215) English Lords
1265-1274 Human Law Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 Selections from the Summa Theologiae Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 QUESTION 90: THE ESSENCE OF LAW Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 QUESTION 91: THE VARIOUS KINDS OF LAW Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 QUESTION 92: THE EFFECTS OF LAW Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 QUESTION 93: THE ETERNAL LAW Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 QUESTION 94: THE NATURAL LAW Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 Question 95: Human Law Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 Question 96: The Power of Human Law Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 Question 97: Change in Laws Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 Question 98 (Partial): The Old (Testament's) Law Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 Question 99 (Partial): The Precepts of the Old (Testament's) Law Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 Question 101 (Partial): The Ceremonial Precepts in Themselves Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 Question 104 (Partial): The Judicial Precepts Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 Question 106 (Partial): The Law of the Gospel, Called the New Law, Considered in Itself Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 Question 107 (Partial): The New Law As Compared with the Old Aquinas, Thomas
1265-1274 Question 108 (Partial): Things That Are Contained in the New Law Aquinas, Thomas
1334-1347 Dialogue on the Power of the Pope and the Emperor Ockham, William of
1346 A Short Discourse on Tyrannical Government Ockham, William of
1514 The Catholic Concordance Cusa, Nicholas of
1514-1519 The Dictatorial Authority Did Good, and Not Harm, to the Roman Republic Machiavelli, Niccolo
1514-1519 To Use Fraud in Managing War Is a Glorious Thing, etc. Machiavelli, Niccolo
1517-1531 Commentary on Matt. 7:12, Whatever you would wish that they do to you (Huldreich Zwingli) Zwingli, Huldreich
1517-1560 Is There Certitude in the Doctrines of Physics? (Philip Melanchthon) Melanchthon, Philip
1517-1560 On Law (Philip Melanchthon) Melanchthon, Philip
1517-1560 What Are the Causes of the Certitude of Doctrine? (Philip Melanchthon) Melanchthon, Philip
1523 Temporal Authority (Martin Luther) Luther, Martin
1524 Summary of the Teaching of the Renewed Church (Philip Melanchthon) Melanchthon, Philip
1525 How Christians Should Regard Moses (Martin Luther) Luther, Martin
1536 Institutes of the Christian Religion (John Calvin) Calvin, John
1538 Against the Sabbatarians (Martin Luther) Luther, Martin
1539 Against the Antinomians (Martin Luther) Luther, Martin
1579 A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants Brutus, Junius
1580 On Cannibals Montaigne, Michel de
1593 Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity (Excerpts) Hooker, Richard
1594 Chapter 1: The Cause of Writing This General Discourse Hooker, Richard
1594 Chapter 2: Of That Law Which God Has Set for Himself Hooker, Richard
1594 Chapter 3: The Law of Natural Agents Hooker, Richard
1594 Chapter 5: The Law Whereby Man Is Directed to the Imitation of God Hooker, Richard
1594 Chapter 6: Men’s Knowledge of That Law Which They Are to Observe Hooker, Richard
1594 Chapter 7: Of Man’s Will Hooker, Richard
1594 Chapter 8: Of the Way of Finding out Laws by Reason Hooker, Richard
1594 Chapter 9: The Benefit of Keeping That Law Which Reason Teaches Hooker, Richard
1594 Chapter 10: How Reason Does Lead Men to Make Human Laws Hooker, Richard
1594 Chapter 11: Why God Has by Scripture Made Known Supernatural Laws Hooker, Richard
1594 Chapter 12: Why So Many Natural Laws Are Set Down in Scripture Hooker, Richard
1610 Dr. Bonham's Case Coke, Edward
1612 On the Laws Suarez, Francisco
1625 Concerning the Certainty of Right in General Grotius, Hugo
1642 The Citizen (De Cive) Hobbes, Thomas
1651 Leviathan Hobbes, Thomas
1672 The Law of Nature and Nations (Excerpt) Pufendorf, Samuel
1681-1682 Dialogue between a Philosopher and a Student of the Common Laws of England (Thomas Hobbes) Hobbes, Thomas
1682 Preface to the Frame of Government of Pennsylvania Penn, William
1689 A Letter Concerning Toleration Locke, John
1689 English Bill of Rights British Parliament
1689 English Bill of Rights, 1689 British Parliament
1689-1690 Excerpts from Second Treatise on Government and Letter on Toleration Locke, John
1689, Dec First Treatise of Government, "Of Government: Book I" Locke, John
1690 Second Treatise of Government, "Of Civil Government: Book II" Locke, John
1698 Discources Concerning Government (Excerpts) Sidney, Algernon
1724 Cato's Letters Gordon, Thomas and John Trenchard
1732 The Grumbling Hive Mandeville, Bernard
1748 Spirit of Laws Montesquieu
1748 Excerpts from the Spirit of the Laws (Bill of Rights) Montesquieu
1753 Of the Laws of England (William Blackstone) Blackstone, William
1753 Of the Nature of Laws in General (William Blackstone) Blackstone, William
1753 Of the Absolute Rights of Individuals (Commentaries) Blackstone, William
1758 Law of Nations Vattel, Emer de
1763 The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Proved Otis, James
1765 Commentaries (William Blackstone; excerpt) Blackstone, William
1765-1769 Of the Countries Subject to the Laws of England; Of the Parliament (William Blackstone) Blackstone, William
1765 Resolutions of the Continental Congress, 1765 Continental Congress
1767 The Huron Voltaire
1774 The Rights of British America Jefferson, Thomas
1774 Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress, 1774 Continental Congress
1776-1788 Early State Documents American States, Various
1776 Observations on Civil Liberty, Government, and the War with America (Excerpt) Price, Richard
1776 Pennsylvania Bill of Rights Pennsylvania
1776 Rough Draft of the Declaration of Independence Jefferson, Thomas
1776 Common Sense Paine, Thomas
1776, Jun 12 Virginia Bill of Rights Virginia
1776 Virginia Declaration of Rights Virginia
1776 Declaration of Independence Continental Congress
1776, Jul 4 Declaration of Independence, 1776 Continental Congress
1777 Of Civil Liberty Hume, David
1777 Of the Origin of Government Hume, David
1777 Of the Original Contract Hume, David
1777 Some Farther Considerations with Regard to Justice Hume, David
1779 Rights of Man Paine, Thomas
1784, Jun 2 New Hampshire Bill of Rights New Hampshire
1784, Jun 2 New Hampshire Bill of Rights New Hampshire
1785 Of Reasoning Reid, Thomas
1787 Anti-Federalist Papers, No. 2 Brutus
1787-1788 Constitution of the United States United States of America
1787, Oct 10 An Examination into the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution Webster, Noah
1788, Feb 6 Federalist 51 Madison, James
1789-1791 Bill of Rights, Constitution of the United States United States of America
1789, Mar 4 Bill of Rights United States of America
1789, Nov 4 A Discourse on the Love of Our Country Price, Richard
1790 Lectures on Law (James Wilson) Wilson, James
1790 Lectures on Law (James Wilson) Wilson, James
1790 Lectures on Law (James Wilson) Wilson, James
1793 Chisholm v. Georgia Wilson, James
1793 Chisholm v. Georgia US Supreme Court
1794 Considerations on the Nature and Extent of the Legislative Authority of the British Parliament Wilson, James
1798, Aug 8 Calder v. Bull US Supreme Court
1825 Thomas Jefferson's letter to Henry Lee, 1825 Jefferson, Thomas
1826 Thomas Jefferson's letter to Roger Weightman, 1826 Jefferson, Thomas
1832 The Province of Jurisprudence Determined (John Austin) Austin, John
1839, Apr 30 The Jubilee of the Constitution Adams, John Quincy
1848 Declaration of Sentiments from the Seneca Falls Convention, 1848 Seneca Falls Convention
1854, Oct 16 Speech at Peoria, IL Lincoln, Abraham
1857, Jun 26 Lincoln's Speech on the Dred Scott Decision Lincoln, Abraham
1859, Apr 6 To Henry L. Pierce Lincoln, Abraham
1859, Sep 16 Speech at Columbus, OH Lincoln, Abraham
1860, Mar 5 Speech at Hartford, CT Lincoln, Abraham
1865, Dec 6 13th Amendment US Congress
1868, Jul 9 14th Amendment US Congress
1869, Dec Hepburn v. Griswold (The Legal Tender Cases; abridged) US Supreme Court
1870, Feb 3 15th Amendment US Congress
1872 Memorial Day Address ("The American Code") Sumner, William Graham
1872 The Slaughterhouse Cases US Supreme Court
1884 Mind as a Social Factor Ward, Lester
1894 The Absurd Effort to Make the World Over Sumner, William Graham
1897 The Path of the Law (Oliver Wendell Holmes) Holmes, Oliver Wendell (Jr.)
1897, Mar 25 The Path of the Law Holmes, Oliver Wendell (Jr.)
1901 Dialogue Between A Savage and A Bachelor of Arts Voltaire
1902 Purposes and Consequences Sumner, William Graham
1905, Apr 17 Lochner v. New York US Supreme Court
1909-1910 Evolution of the Race Problem DuBois, W.E.B.
1909 The Mores of the Present and the Future Sumner, William Graham
1910 New Nationalism Roosevelt, Theodore
1910 The Influence of Darwinism on Philosophy Dewey, John
1913-1914 The New Freedom Wilson, Woodrow
1915, May Ideals and Doubts Holmes, Oliver Wendell (Jr.)
1916-1917 The American Conception of Liberty Goodnow, Frank Johnson
1918, Nov Natural Law Holmes, Oliver Wendell (Jr.)
1919, Mar 3 Schenck v. United States US Supreme Court
1919, Nov 10 Abrams v. United States US Supreme Court
1925 Pierce v. Society of Sisters (U.S. Supreme Court) US Supreme Court
1925, Jun 8 Gitlow v. New York US Supreme Court
1927, May 2 Buck v. Bell US Supreme Court
1948 Shelley v. Kraemer (U.S. Supreme Court) US Supreme Court
1963, Apr 16 Letter from a Birmingham Jail (Martin Luther King, Jr.) King, Martin Luther (Jr.)
1965 The First Principle of Practical Reason: A Commentary on the Summa Theologiae Grisez, Germain
1965, Jun 7 Griswold v. Connecticut US Supreme Court
1967 Loving v. Virginia (U.S. Supreme Court) US Supreme Court
1985 Justice As Fairness: Political, Not Metaphysical (Excerpts) Rawls, John
1994, Jul 7 The Truth About Citizenship Allen, William B.
1997 The Idea of Public Reason Revisited (excerpts) Rawls, John
1998 Politics, Religion, and the Common Good: Interview with John Rawls Rawls, John
1998 Public Good: The Specifically Political Common Good in Aquinas Finnis, John
2001 Natural Law, God, Religion, and Human Fulfillment Grisez, Germain
2008 The True Ultimate End of Human Beings: The Kingdom, Not God Alone Grisez, Germain